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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"I've been a Life Member since 1995"

In the shower, a daisy chain of five girls formed, and I watched while two girls took turns sucking on my cock.

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The subject here is about how the New Testament writers ripped passages from the Old Testament and reinterpreted them in order to pound their dying and rising savior god into the role of a coming messiah. So we know the stories in the New testament are fictional. Plus there are no witnesses to the events that are central to the Christian superstition like this trial, crucifixion, resurrection of Jesus or the dead in Jerusalem, the slaughter of the innocents by Herod, any miracles performed by Jesus or any apostles. The stories are written in the style of historical fiction not historical propaganda laced narratives like Gaelic Wars. Like the rest of the major figures in the Bible history knows nothing of Jesus Christ or his merry men. Not a thing.


Since when do creationists who can't prove the existence of a creator have a logical opinion on anything?


Lol! Good one!


Not even on disqus??


Looks like a new candidate for the Democratic party an illegal in America or at the very least the new poster boy.


Nope. He broke down the Church everywhere. That is why Jesus never started one. And He proofed them to be liars as they were the ones that killed Him. And it has never changed.


When in trouble Trump stokes the racism fire. He's like Hitler calling on scorched earth after all was lost.


Sometimes I relate to her so much. ????


Ha ha yep


Perfect...don?t go messing around with things you don?t know about. Stay away from negative vibes and forces. Pray to your guardian angels as well.

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