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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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"That is precisely why your argument is a non sequitur; the canon [or completion] of the Bible was set, and recognized before the deaths of the last Apostles and Prophets. No so-called church councils had authority to declare, only to list the books previously declared by Apostolic authority i.e. those God chose to pen the scriptures. If, in fact that authority hadn't ended with Peter, Paul et al, we would have an infinite amount of books in our Bibles."

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You can comment on YOUR OWN human condition.


The Templeton Study on Intercessory Prayer for Health showed that, statistically, sick people who were prayed for, and KNEW it, had *worse* outcomes. The unprayed-for, and those who didn't know they were prayed for, experienced no difference in outcomes:


I'm saying that it's absurd to compare the stories of both the OT and NT to today's world. They were written for a certain time period, for a certain people. You dismiss the OT arbitrarily while not dismissing the NT also arbitrarily.


Ohh I love this one "Heartbeat Song"


Lol I?m the one who sent invites out. And I get an attitude.


Okay go ahead. And don?t tell me what to do.


Hey Greenlantern...Should I call and tell them about Linten so they can stop hoping and start the grieving process?!

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