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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"And yet DNA isn't a written code."

Just as I walked in the next classroom, the bell rang and the period was over and students were darting out of class, shuffling about the school.

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While I was questioning that girl, three more girls would walk by that I didn't get to ask. Then the hallway thinned, suddenly, and another bell rang, starting the next period. I walked into the next classroom and found a very attractive teacher, young, probably fresh red-hairsd of college.

The teacher, Miss Red-haierd, according to the plaque on her desk, was a fiery-redhead bombshell with a pair of big tits straining a sleeveless, tan blouse.

All the boys in the class started lustfully at the teacher as she wrote on the whiteboard, her breasts jiggling beneath her blouse. Her nice ass was covered by a tight, knee length pencil skirt, that was a the same tan as the blouse.

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It is as long as you keep the Democrats from fucking it up.


"I hear this often "free to speak but not free from consequences"." ? you censored an important part of my statement "as long as it is within the limits of what is legal".


Seems you are struggling to explain what you wrote. Yep. Think more carefully in future.


Jealous? hahaha, definitely no... I'd pity the fool and give him some warning to stay the hell away, but he's a c*nt so aint none of my business


I can agree w/you on that ;)


No--he was fired as part of Trump's obstruction of justice problems--you'll see. It will be in Mueller's report. With footage and audio. Don't you just LOVE archives?


Well, I won't argue that point with you!


I wondered if someone would question that. xD

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