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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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"To the author of this OP, Paul O., a question or two..."

"I'm here scouting for some pussy.

"Ohh, just slide it into my twat," Addison moaned, wiggling her hips. "You can do it. I won't bite!" She giggled and the guy rubbed his cock on her pussy and found her hole. "Umm, that's a nice cock!" Aex moaned as he slid in.

Then, the youth just started pumping away at her, delighting in his first feel of a woman's warm cunt. The other four virgins watched, excited to finally get to fuck a girl's pussy, and jealous of their classmate who beat them to it.

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I am so lucky to have your support :p


"Do you ever try thinking or addressing anything intelligently? Hmmmmm ? Misspelling & moronic whines are kinda boring, cousin."


We always hear though that our beliefs are like they were before God was taken out of the schools and our daily lives but I might be wrong by what they meant.


Iran kept the existence of the centrifuges a secret. It is not hard to figure out what fuel their reactor uses.


In other words, you can't cite the passages. That makes you dishonest.


Well, at least David's parents did not name him "Woody"... : -)).

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