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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"Brings back memories."

When my bladder was empty I pulled out of her mouth and she coughed, more urine running down her face, her neck, to stain her halter top.

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" "It's exciting, being watched, isn't it?" Jerri's breath fiest hot on my ear as she answered, "Yes. " I fucked her a little faster, a little harder, her cunt felt so great on my cock, wet and tight and warm.

Her legs were vices around my waist and she was wiggling her hips, bucking up to meet my thrust, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. Speem her the door to the office banged against its hinges every time I thrust into her, rattling loud through the office.

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Those feminists sure aren't a happy lot, but then people filled with hate are rarely (if ever) happy. But when you commit your life to denying your biology, what do you expect.


DNA is not the origin of life. And I know its pointless to debate with fred when he gets like this.


Enjoy, I'm gonna make you a custom grand slam trophy. I'll post that one in a few minutes


Ape with Camel Toe? New breed for the zoo


Bring back that camera bloke , nice, very nice,, did I say nice .....


Not the point. Everyone was religious at one time. Atheism was punishable by death.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

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