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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"And I told you, I defer that to some of the most brilliant minds in science. Science, presently, stands with the theory of the big bang, that's origin is a singularity. While many theories have been advanced for what might have preceded that, science has not endorsed any yet, When you insert your god into that void, without evidence, it's faith, not logic and reason. It's a very old concept, called the god of the gaps, and it's batting average is pretty dismal. On the evidence, it's not illogical to think, on that record, that it will again be discounted."

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" Petrina knelt before me, and sucked my wet cock into her mouth. She was on her knees, and I ordered her, "Spread your legs and start peeing, bitch.

" The girl spread her legs. Youg sucked harder at my cock and then her urine splashed on the floor, forming a yellow puddle that spread across the tiles.

The urine puddled until she was kneeling in her own piss.

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You have a beautiful face. I like your heavy and best weight.


This has been a very good week! So good I can't wait for next week to happen. What will America learn about getting justice done then?


LOL who cares that the presidents own personal lawyer accused him of breaking the law? Even you arent that stupid, i hope. Grow up.


I did post that. :) and you could dance.


Shooting, camping, skiing,.. just getting away from people !!!

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