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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Bara vaknat och jag vill ta en dusch??"

Flushing in embarrassment, she walked over to the sink and pulled off her skirt, washing it in the faucet.

This girl was petite and Asian. Hopefully, she had a hairy bush. I followed the girl into the restroom and she jumped in surprise when she saw me, exclaiming in some Asian language.

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Ill give you some time to research those claims and retract them before I prove you wrong


oh Wow I love it Its awsome!!!!!!


You didn't even answer or rebut the question this time either, yet you accuse others of dodging it? Projection much? Also, wasn't Lot raped by his daughters in the Bible? Was their sex an act of procreation too, or a vile act God never remotely addressed? The Bible is literally the last text to rely on to have a healthy understanding of sexuality, which you clearly lack.


You yourself deliberately misgender trans people. That is insulting and dehumanizing.


From a perfect being it certainly does.


I'm not going to engage in a circular debate with you. Good night.


Not only that none of the apostles existed either, including Paul. Truly a religion for idiots.


I just couldn't do it yesterday, I felt like crap. Today I'm much better.

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