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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"I didn't see it, but you can copy paste it all back minus the language."

The door banged loudly behind us.

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Hikaru's cunt felt tighter as she looked down in shame at people watching her fucking, no longer moaning her pleasure.

She stopped moaning when the girls came in, biting her lip and looking away in shame. "No," the Black girl admitted while her White friend nodded her head. "Do you have your hymen?" "No," she whispered, mortified. Her Black friend laughed, "She popped her cherry with a carrot.

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Where is the stele of Hammurabi? That's not on the lawn and predates the religious commandments.


As I said, it's really unlikely term limits for congressmen will ever come to pass.


Especially the single mothers taking care of several kids, with a living wage they might be able to pay for child care.

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