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Saturday, March 10, 2018

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"Um--NO, they don't. OR they pretend not to."

"I always have," he answered, but then quickly added, "But I would never touch one!" "Today's blsck lucky day, Jerri here is going to go in your office, bend over your desk and let you have some sloppy seconds.

I want you to enjoy yourself.

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The girls, reluctantly, got dressed, and a few were talking about blaack a slumber party tonight to continue. I wish I could be there, but Mary's family was coming over for dinner and I was hoping to fuck both her sisters tonight.

I was starving, and the cafeteria was just up the hall from the locker room.

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So I can simply take things as long as I don't consider the owner to be "a man of honor and character"?


ya sure ...we see how that does not work so well in the want to pay DOUBLE the taxes you pay now...or more?


Dr. just lost my vote!


I have admitted to both the positive and negative influence of Christians


Birth control is cheap and readily available.


Translation: "I have no response to the facts and ideas presented and my attempts to evade them aren't working so I will take my ball and go home"


Indeed, I am at her mercy.


Quick, someone club that seal.


Democrats haven?t gone anywhere.


700?! Wow... That's a lot of manga. ??

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