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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"I await your scientific evidence of any of this."

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How do you fit so many bands in your wagon


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Is the Bible universe some separate thing?


He's saying that the same irrational fears are quickly and repeatedly embraced and voiced when anyone commits any type of crime with a gun. One side says that illegal immigrants only commit crimes at a rate of about 50% compared to naturalized citizens in defense of a people that they feel are doing no real harm, but occasionally an extraordinary circumstance arises that draws attention and ire from the other side with calls to fix the problem with solutions that range from a wall, increased border patrols, or outright mass deportation The other side says that only a tiny, tiny percentage of the millions of guns in circulation are ever involved in any criminal activity, but when any gun is used to kill another human the calls range from added background checks to outright seizure depending on the nature of the crime and the stance of the person or group calling for action.


Only difference with Republicans is that they tend to give away (tax cuts to the rich) things they never had in the first place (tax revenue)


Morning mate. Afternoon for me.????


Not needed; I think she's sincere, just new to Disqus.


The scientific method includes putting forth a justification based on observed data, calculating what the explanation would predict, and then looking at the results to see if the prediction is true or false.

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