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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"aww mine was the pink one"

I bumped into Melody, who, along with her mother, I fucked at the Old Navy store last week. It had been Melody's sixteenth birthday, and her and her mom were playing hooky to celebrate.

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Her sister, Rose, sat behind her, cradling her sister's boobs as she rode me cowgirl style, and kissing her neck. "We sleep in their king sized bed and everyone just enjoys each other. " "We've become quite close," Rose giggled, licking her sister's neck.

"Mom's even lezzed out with a few of our girlfriends.

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I take your argument seriously, but what are the population densities? Are there enough christians to offset the less severe damage they cause?


Cool! Although, I'd have to take a pass on the cleaning, I do that when I need to. XD


Did you even read the discussion?


Agreed on all points!


You mean Augustine.


There, did I do it right?


He is doing psychics today it seems


this is pretty blatant fear mongering. yes, we need to get much better control of our southern border. people illegally entering the country is a problem, especially with gangs more openly crossing in the country. yes, but this was just someone trying to rile people up for political reasons.


Lol! If you are comparing a box of cookies with what?s out of reach...couldn?t be that hard to replace???????


I have no will in that regards.

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