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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"You have made a series of assertions without an ounce of credible/testable proof. You live by faith because it is all you have. You have faith that something exists that is even more fantastical than random/chance creation might be, i.e., an all-powerful invisible spiritual being that has existed forever and that can but speak and universes and life appear. To impartial, unbiased and intelligent people both seem equally fantastic and hard to believe. The difference is that man does his best to test and verify to the best of his ability and from it all progress has flowed."

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Personally, I believe all religions and churches should loose their 'tax exempt' qualities.


Try to stick to the conversation, please. You said, there is no evidence for the examples I provided and I showed you some evidence.


But you already said: "It's never done, you just keep adding to the list". So that's logically invalid (And almost like self-punishment.) :p


I do not agree that it's "inevitable" if we could stop immigration and stop abortion, however that is a very high bar, It is probably true that white skin and the Caucasian breeds are a minority group, just little over 10% of the world's population, and could be heading for extinction as you say. We try to hard to save white rhinos but not white poor people. The very wealthy "rinos" think they are immune, since they are so guarded, but they are not either. Maybe if we could get Whites to be declared an endangered species, could that turn the tide? BTW, I'm not white.I'm Jewish but my skin is white. Most of my family was wiped out by white people called "Nazis." Still, this world owes a lot to White people despite all the grudges from the past. Most of the advances in science,medicine, and technology over the last centuries were the products of mostly European peoples.

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