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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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"Hey where did the mermaid go??"

There were still two periods left and just because I found my virgins, didn't mean I was ready to go.

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Why waste my piss in the toilet when Petrina would love to pee. And then an even nastier though entered my mind. "Hikaru, take Petrina's place licking Fernie," I ordered. "Petrina, take off your panties and come suck my cock.

" Petrina stood up, reaching under her skirt to pull off a blue thong, her face was messy with piss and cunt-juices.

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You people are so sad.


It's my second favorite David Lean film, only behind Lawrence of Arabia.


Oh heck yeah it would be. It is a huge mirrored headboard. One big main mirror and then three sectional mirrors on each side of the huge mirror. But hey, this and reverse cowgirl? Would be great to watch in a mirror.


I would say church is a bit strange too, assembly has a better ring to it.


best 3 and a half minute investment one could make.


No, miguel. Show me where he says that. Show me where anyone in the interaction from either side, not the lawyer but the depositions by the plaintiff and the couple involved, said anything about being able to show a design or reviewing a design.


It has been a while I must admit.


I?m sorry to hear that, ES. :( I hope you get to open up again. I think I go about it a bit too genuine, and open.


In your personal opinion, what does it take to get to heaven.

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