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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"See the little square on the lower side of the comments box, press that and if you had picture's on computer or phone, you can load them with that. Here's the Lexcen"

She was short, her breasts small, barely bumps beneath her violet blouse, her blue-black hair long and straight. Her skin was pale as enthusiasticaly Caucasian but with a slightly olive, creamy cast to it that transformed her into some exotic creature.

Maybe I knocked a few up, I thought with a smile. I found my two virgins, Alice and Felicity, waiting for me and led them to my car, wondering if they were on birth control.

Maybe I could plant a pair of babies in their cunts. We passed Hikaru as she patiently waited for her new master to come and take her away to her life as enthuaiastically sex slave. A slight smile graced her lips and she squeezed her thighs in excitement.

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Yeah, life is good.


i can ask the rain to stop but


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If I can just convince a few more rubes to buy in then I can cash out.


I talked to the CEO he is going to do it for you, no worries.

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