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Friday, March 23, 2018

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"These people don't listen to facts."

Her nice ass was covered by a tight, knee length pencil skirt, that was a the same tan as the blouse.

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" The food was sloppy joes and a salad, neither of which were any good. But I was starving, so I ate two sloppy joes and finished off the soggy salad, sitting at a ucte table while Whitney sucked my cock beneath the table.

She's have to finish quickly, her food was getting cold and I be that wouldn't improve its taste any.

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*acts coy* no :)


Or keeping your zipper closed?


It's not a personal deductible expense. But your weak attempt at sardonic wit has stumbled onto something. If DJT paid it as a personal payment there is no campaign question- its a personal matter. But of course that's not the point for most. If Stormy or whoever threatened revealing the tawdry liaison it could result in Mueller filing blackmail charges against Ms. Daniels- we know that won't happen. Does the stupidity of this begin to resonate with you? And BTW I approved neither of WJC or DJT behavior but if they're consensual behaviors do you really want to know? I'm amazed that either left or right wing wackadoos would really be interested in this stuff or think it's the kind of thing that would "take down a President".


I?m da mfkr that?s like...WTF? I need recipes for crockpot meanie weenies? Fark...I?m too old. Time to hang up da boots, and start dranking.


Evidence? Your ancestors spent quite a bit of their time as fish, and as small thieving ground animals. You still eat your cousins, for which you may lick your chops and wear a bib.^


What of Hercules? People worshiped HIM as a god, telling and retelling the miraculous tales of his infancy, childhood, and his "12 Labors". The cult that worshiped Hercules as a god lasted about 1200 years.


I'm sure you are very sweet ??


and half of the people that currently work there will be replaced by more qualified people, the people who are worth the $15. Then you can pay them even more welfare.

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