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Sunday, March 18, 2018

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"I haven't worked out in like a month."

The door banged loudly behind us. She was panting in my ear as pleasure rushed through her body.

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Fernie shrugged and yellow urine splashed into Petrina's mouth. Petrina sealed her lips over her friends cunt, swallowing as fast as she could. "Damn this is so nasty," Fernie purred. "Christ, my pussy is getting wet. " "I guess you'll have to eat her pussy, Petrina," I ordered.

Petrina started licking Fernie's black cunt, glimpse of pink pussy amidst the forest of black hair could be seen as Petrina ate her friend.

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This is the leap they want to make. Because Christians can't discriminate against whatever "sins" they CHOOSE to take issue with, the next step is forcing religious institutions to marry SS couples.


I noticed that. . . they put way too much chrome on it and rims that don't even look right. . . I hear ya. I want one just nice and blackout with the Hemi. . .


Since we're BOTH talking about it do you think we can work it out???


Trying to justify one's bad behavior by pointing at the faults of others is a technique called diversion.

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