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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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"Hahahah that was that sweetest ????"

"Are you a virgin?" I asked, a girl dressed this conservative must be but she shook her head no. "Well, if you have to pee, Petrina here wants to flung it, right slut?" I smacked Petrina's ass and she gasped, "Yes!" and went back to licking up her piss.

And then I founded it, her silky lips parting for my cock, as I slid into her warm, tight opening. Jerri moaned as I plunged into her tight opening. Her soft, wet pussy giving way as I slid into her cunt all the way. "Oh, wow, wouldn't you like some privacy?" the flustered receptionist asked.

"Naw, like an audience," I answered, fucking Jerri with slow, short fucks as her legs wrapped around my hips. She was light, maybe a hundred pounds, and I easily held her, gripping her ass and kneading her perky cheeks through her jean skirts.

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I already started almost half way through my merlot. ??. How about you?


Social media is odd and cancerous.


I only tell secrets in discord


IMO, anything above a B-cup is not an enhancement.


I don't actually wish for him to rest there. I hope he is tormented for eternity.


Typically there is so much noise at these or any competitions that "shooter" is not the first thing someone thinks when hearing a gunshot. But I agree with you Mark; there is something about losing with grace or simply understanding the point of playing rather than winning that has been lost in all of our society.


Every vote counts, except when it doesn't.


Glad you like. Download it if want


I can feel your warm hug O?

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