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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"Silly for what? Not at all - maybe you should post this conversation on your Facebook account - you know the one where you have no friends and no likes??? lol"

From behind she looked almost like a child until you saw that bushy, black forest between her legs.

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I reached out and stroked her thigh, feeling her smooth leg. "Unzip my pants and pull my cock out. " Her hand, trembling, reached out and fumbled with my pants button.

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Enlighten me. Show me where a


Self love burns calories too.


So far the Mexicans have gotten the better of the trade deal. The Mexican workers will get a pay raise for some to $16/hr and the US consumers will pay for it.


the word slave is only referenced in the OT once and this reference is posed as a question [ Jer. chap, 2 verse 14 ] only the OT is governed by the biblical laws , so specifically , where does your expertise stem from /


so what are u doing


Is that your 'personal truth' that you think somehow elevates you above facts? Your truth is killing children. That blood is on your hands.

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