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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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"Cat entered the Matrix"

"Where are you from?" I asked, curious.

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They both hugged me and kissed me, excited to see me and my cock was excited to see them. Their clothes came off as the rest of the class were doing some sort of experiment.

The twins had large breasts topped with dark nipples, Daisy's cunt shaved bare and Ggosts covered by a blonde bush. "We fuck mom and dad every night," Daisy panted as she bounced on my cock.

Her sister, Rose, sat behind her, cradling her sister's boobs as she rode me cowgirl style, and kissing her neck.

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No, I've never been a Creationist or a fundamentalist. I left Christianity around 1978 and converted to Buddhism about 8 years ago.


You agree with his completely bullshit point that liberals would like football to go away? Good for you! Then you're both full of crap.


Why do you know so little of the Bible?


Some miracle, this thing we call life; roll the dice at birth to see whether or not you'll live past the age of two, roll the dice again to see whether or not you'll go hungry between the ages 2 and 5, roll the dice again to see whether or not you'll live past that age either way, roll the dice again to see whether or not there's a war going on in your place of birth, roll again to see if your location is a natural disaster hotspot...

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