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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"i miss u so much"

Hikaru had a taste of jungle fever and was devouring the Black girls pussy like it was the tasty thing in the world. It probably was.

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Jerri's cunt was bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. "I always have," he answered, but then quickly added, "But I would never touch one!" "Today's your lucky day, Jerri here is going to go in your office, bend over your Germaan and let you have some sloppy seconds.

I want you to enjoy yourself. " "Shit!" he cursed.

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Don't let me get in the way of your denial of reality.


Thanks for that response. To the extent that the federal government has not secured borders, ( not sure that is 100% possible ), once someone is here, I'm not sure that the feds should be able to pressure the locals.


Yes. The original does not have pigment soaked into the fibers.

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