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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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"You haven't noticed that you piss people off? You seem to take perverse pleasure in it.yet you act surprised you have that effect????"

I watched her nice ass as I fucked Petrina.

There was another email from Quatch, another DD buddy, thanking me for turning his little sister into his sex slave. "Little cocktease got what was cumming to her," the email red and a pic of a girl's asshole leaking cum was attached.

In the Chemistry lab, I bumped into the Cunningham twins Mary and I had enjoyed at Loews last week. Both were looking great, their hair was blonde, Rose's long and braided and Daisy's short.

They both hugged me and kissed me, excited to see me and my cock was excited to see them. Their clothes came off as the rest of the class were doing some sort of experiment.

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Free Cocaine. Well, no money exchange hands for sure. ; -)


It would have created quite the paradox for the lunatics.


Being trans is actually intrinsic to their nature.


That is quite true. That's why I referenced Google, where a person can locate many sources that list biblical contradictions. Fundies just will not permit themselves to understand that the Bible is a flawed document or a book of science...because if they do change their perspective, they believe that they will lose their salvation.


Representative Maxine Waters Calls for Political Violence


I think it is. ????


One of each please.

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