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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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"Look around you, Daniel. Just find the courage to use your own two eye and observe nature closely. The real world is the real world, not some giant debate class."

"Your disrupting class, young lady!" I fucked her hard, enjoying her muffled moans through her classmate's panties. Jessamine gripped the edge of her desk as I fucked her.

I creamed her cunt when her orgasm rolled through her. When I walked out, the janitor was trying out her cunt, enjoying himself some sloppy seconds. Just as I walked in the next classroom, the bell rang and the period was over and students were darting out of class, shuffling about the school.

I saw a cute girl disappear outside and I hurried after her. She had auburn hair in a ponytail and looked similar to Mary from behind.

When I caught up with her, she had already crossed the courtyard and entered the gymcafeteria building and was about to enter the locker rooms.

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1) Native Americans means people living in the Americas not just the US, and estimates run to a population between 75-150 million inhabitants before 1492. many dies by diseases brought to the Americas by the whites begore ever meeting a white man. Complex trading systems connected most if not all native tribes over which the sicknesses spread faster than the white man himself.


"Bad dates." ? Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir


It is rare but it has happened before, often defined as a "hate crime".


He'd do well at Walmart folding towels and mopping the floor.


Empire Strikes Back!


Nah, the beach bars ?round here are like the 80?s ? way too easy.


Hi, Trouble. Nice to meet you. ?? Sorry for interrupting... ??

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