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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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"You haven't even begun to acknowledge the extent of child abuse in America"

"We fuck mom and dad every night," Daisy panted as she bounced on my cock.

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" Who wouldn't be flustered when a man walks in wanting to fuck your students. She pulled out a binder labeled, "Visitor Badges," from a drawer. She dug around the spilled pens and found a permanent sharpie and wrote, "Mark, Pussy Scout," on the badge and peeled it off the page.

"This needs to be worn at all times, Mark. " "Thanks," I said, sticking the badge to the front of. The door leading into the office swung in and a cute, sixteen year old with a heart-shaped face framed by black ringlets.

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it's too old song so I'm not sure its correct


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Don't make me swoon :P

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