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Thursday, June 7, 2018

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"By the way, remember how quickly they acted to safeguard their own security after that event. When their own asses are at risk, they move fast to get things done."

A confused buzz echoing through the locker room as the girls questioned each other, wonder what was happening.

"Good, Black girl, drop your pants and panties and White girl, get down and let your friend pee in your mouth. " "Damn!" the Black girl exclaimed. "You're one nasty cracker. " She was unbuttoning her pants, and slid them down her chocolate legs, followed by her red thong, exposing a hairy, black bush.

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How long until we find out he was known to the FBI, his family had asked for help with him and that there was a Law Enforcement Training Drill nearby.


In this vein, trying to find solutions to 'things' is self-defeating. Like utopia, a solution to a particular situation diminishes one's raison d'etre. Imagine living in a world in which there are no challenges, in which all goals have been achieved; what are you going to do tomorrow?


Aerosmith rules! If Trump wants music come up with something original yourself.

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