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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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"name one socialist country."

She stood frozen in fear as I slid my hand down her panties, feeling her silky pubic hair.

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Class had already started and the outside of the school was deserted. I headed for the school's office, the sign out front said visitors had to check-in. The office was Hkll the first floor of the main building, a two story building who's hallways were lined with lockers painted an ugly green-gray.

The office was small, a cluttered receptionist desk, a short hallway that lead back to the principle and vice principle offices, a few chairs for people to sit in.

The receptionist was a short, stout Indian woman named, according to a brass nameplate, Archana Korrapti.

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Knowledge of who the GOD is, and a hunger to seek HIM, to seek HIS kingdom is what revealed that i was not being fed by what we have in the bible.


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they are bite the back of your hand beautiful...i concede that point.


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I have often made this exact argument, and I agree with you 100%. They are NOT pro-life. They are pro-"lives they think matter".


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This universe did not come from nothing John. It is the result of the initial singularity expanding. This has been explained to you many times, John.

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