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Sunday, March 11, 2018

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"For me, hearing a screaming, whining or demanding 3 year old. That sound makes me want to head for the nearest bubbling, super-heated lava-filled crater and fling myself or --better yet, the spawn of diablo--in!"

Miss Blythe's class contained three boys and five girls who were virgins. Disappointingly, all practied broken their hymens, one riding a bike, two with pencils, and two doing sports.

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Well, the NT *is* fanfic, when you think about it...


You are promoting a generalized view of religion, as if it is a single entity or something that can be generalized about. Its diverse as anything. And indeed, there is no more ambiguous word in all of language than that word "God", and religions relating to it, and their religious practices, are hugely diverse. No way to condemn all religious folks because some do bad things. If that was the standard, atheists would be forced to account for communism, an atheist ideology created by atheists. But that would be unreasonable to tar other innocent folks with the crimes of bad apples by our sense of morality.


ya - we know where its going


The irony of the century would be satisfying. "Get that somafabetch off the field. You're fired!


75 days from now, then again in 2020.


That?s extra ??????


Why do Christians hate LGBTQ+ people so much? Is our existence not also a "miracle"?


There are references to dinosaurs in the Bible, such as the "behemoth" in Job. There are also numerous references to dinosaurs throughout history in many different cultures, for example there is a tomb in Carlisle England from hundreds of years ago with a picture of a dinosaur on it, suggesting that dinosaurs didn't die out 65 million years ago. Noah could have got young dinosaurs on the ark or dinosaur eggs. Evolution in the sense of microbes to man change has never been proven - only "micro-evolution". The idea of fossils being millions of years old may be false - dating methods depend on certain assumptions such as how much source and target substrate there was to start with, whether any has leaked in or out and whether decay rates have remained the same, so the world really could be 6,000 years old. Evolution in the sense of change within animal groups is valid, but the reprogramming of the DNA to change to a different animal group would be too complex to happen by a natural process. Also living cells are far too complicated for life to have begun in the first place by a natural process. Also God must have created the universe, otherwise how could everything have come from nothing? For further information about dinosaurs being mentioned in the Bible see for example,


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