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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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"Very true, but a child 's entire world revolves around the people"

I slid my finger in, sinking to my first knuckle, then my second knuckle, and then I was all the way up inside her, feeling no resistance.

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My thumb found her hard clit, rubbing it in slow circles. Her cunt started to moisten and her breath quickened. "Hikaru, you're going to be Tom's sex slave," I told her.

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Maybe. Maybe not. It's not an article of faith, so I couldn't care less.


and jews too, no? My brother "changed his religon" to Judaism (I think he's just fcking with my strictly baptist mom) and he wont eat pork either.

Nitaxe I wanna watch it too!


Worshiping false gods was akin to idolatry.


My brother, an atheist, used to say I was lucky I could just belive. Maybe so.


I think it's both hilarious and educational...and it is an experiment in the democratic process.


Hmmm .... let people make it? I just don?t have it in my ability to excuse certain things and I don?t let them have any slack I see others just don?t care if they homie fucked them over or something else and still have time for toxic waste


It's working just fine. I'm.... almost.... done... ????

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