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Friday, April 6, 2018

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"Sorry, but that's forbidden under Title 2, Chapter 7, Subsection 4.6a of the Magic Genie's Code."

I spread the auburn-haired girl's ass open and buggered her good and hard. Her ass was tight and hot on my cock as I reamed her ass, pulling on her auburn ponytail, and I shuddered when I came inside her.

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A low, throaty moan escaped her lips and then her dam broke and she panted, "Oh, your tool is stirring me up. Stirring up my cauldron!" She moaned, throatily. "Stir me up.

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You make no sense, of course thats not the point is it?


It seems we pretty much agree regarding Trump and his administration. It was just your bringing up of Clinton and your view of his behavior that I disagreed with. I really think your point about Trump would've been stronger without the semi-defense of Clinton.


Noooo!....They'll make me fat if I try to replace what I'm thinking of with COOKIES!...LMAO!


Yes she is. Since you liked her I figured I'd post this one for you.


Give me a circumstance where you think it would be moral.


Hey Jennifer how are you today.

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