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Friday, March 16, 2018

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"He ain't no atheist, that's for sure!"

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Unsolicited advice in a condescending tone is my favorite ??????.


Unfortunately today, many Americans would like to think the USA has 1 official religion, there is no separation of church & state, and churches should be allowed to use there tax exempt money for political purposes.


That's actually an example of Jesus fulfilling prophecy.


Wrong. Most often than not, you get paid for what value you bring to a company, Work harder, get educated, get better pay.


Edwards didn't plead out. Again, why'd the judge accept the plea if there were no crimes?


Heyyyyyyyy. U missed all my msgs


Who would feel the need to ignore the science behind gender transitioning? Oh, right, you.


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"A real scientist would simply observe what was said. Not launch into a manifesto about some other imagined train of thought."

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