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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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""No, they create other plausible theories that also aren't in evidence.""

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I believe, as does the state Civil rights Commission and state courts, that your interpretation is wrong.


Come to think of it, I?ve never done an actual review on a gun. ?????? it will be fun I think.


Dude, I couldn't stand Hillary.


Which one? Or is there just one, with multiple personalities?


They are equal


Amazon and any other company that pays unskilled labor created a pay scale within their corporation based on industry standards. The US Government created an arbitrary income limit under which Americans can get benefits.


That's a great idea


If this economy is so great how come farmers have to be bailed out? How come workers pay isnt keeping up with inflation? It seems to me republicans did what republicans always do which is to rig the system to benefit their corporate donors.


Cancer is one of those things that can come at you like a speeding bullet. He was perfectly healthy at the time when he last ran.


Yes you're a fair mod too.

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