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Friday, March 9, 2018

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"Let me check.."

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"Meet me at the flagpole after school and I'll take you home and you'll get your cherry popped. " "I oh, okay," Felicity stammered, flustered. Behind her, Maya was gasping in an orgasm. Maya original virgin had finished quick, but one of the jocks had jumped in and started fucking her and brought her to a screaming orgasm.

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I didn't say anything about you.


You stayed off disqus for a while?


LOL I left that word in ( reeling) just for you. I thought about using a different word but decided it would give you a good jumping off point. You don't disappoint.


I think Rudi was the experimenter.


Sorry about that. Can't get links to work.


I knew a guy who used the whole thing as rolling paper.


The responsible adult left him alone at the keyboard.


Fair enough but so few abortions are done after viability and the ones that are are for saving the mother's life, because of severe deformity to the fetus so that it won't live when birthed, and because of delays caused by parents, courts and lack of access.


An example of 'the fruit of the poison tree' working the opposite way to how we usually see it.

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