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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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"Hey James!!! Yeah, I've been kinda busy the last few days... How have you been???"

It had been Melody's sixteenth birthday, and her and her mom were playing hooky to celebrate.

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"I used a hairbrush," a redhead blushed while a Black girl muttered, "Gymnastics. " A brunette and a Latina girl both lost theirs horseback womam. The other three just blushed, not admitting how they burst their cherries.

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Wants voter integrity, hates voter ID laws. You.


Kids get rainbow celebration cakes for their birthdays, for example. I mean, Rainbow Dash is like the MOST popular


You seem to be suffering trump innocence delusion syndrome (TIDS). Just because he hasn?t been indicted yet doesn?t mean he ever will. Or have you gone into stage two of TIDS.


I?m not disappointed ??????????????????


I don?t think parents are so ok with it but the culture of the left demands it.

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