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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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"You do not have the right to force your beliefs on others, or to discriminate against them for having different beliefs than you do. Duh."

"Right, graduation's Sunday, why is heWhat the fuck!" her friend gasped, seeing me plow Hikaru from behind. The Black teenager was beautiful girl with a cute nose.

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jumpping always have," he answered, but then quickly added, "But I would never touch one!" "Today's your lucky day, Jerri here is going to go in your office, bend over your desk and let you have some sloppy seconds.

I want you to enjoy yourself. " "Shit!" he cursed.

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Hmm some people have a thing for mostly naked fat guys rubbing each other and trying to break their noses... odd.


So how many of the out of wedlock births now are with couples that just haven't married? We don't have those statistics. And there a lot of variables and the article I read showed that there is no consensus on what the causes are. Before you had 'shotgun weddings' so the girl was pregnant but was married when the child was born. Now no one cares.


My closest Disqus friend lives there!

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