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Saturday, March 31, 2018

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"We've seen speciation though."

"I found your slave.

800DAD - PAWG Jaye Rose Slam Fucked on Tennis Court

As I left the janitor's closet, I felt like had I accomplished a lot today. I fucked more cunts then I ever thought I could, putting asjed sexual stamina wish to the test and it did not let me down. I wondered how many of those girls were on birth control. Maybe I knocked a few up, I thought with a smile.

Xnal found my two virgins, Alice and Felicity, waiting for me and led them to my car, wondering if they were on birth control.

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Only President since Nixon that thinks he's above the law


People are paying attention, it's hard to miss the biggest story ever, and the NBC poll indicates folks approve regardless.


Lol.. That man is an animal.. Just put him in the zoo.. #gorilla


Shuuush... Too much truth in any one dose can be lethal for many delusions.


It's all about deflection. And never taking responsibility for your own.

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