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Saturday, April 14, 2018

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"An abortion is far cheaper than a live birth and many of those live births would have to be covered with public funds. And then there is welfare for the single mother and her children.."

As I left the janitor's closet, I felt like had I accomplished a lot today. I fucked more cunts then I ever thought I could, putting my sexual stamina wish to the test and it did not let me down.

She reached behind her, fumbling at her bra clasp, and her breasts were revealed as she slipped her bra off her shoulder. Her breasts were little puffs of flesh, with dark, hard nipples. Finally, she peeled off her panties, exposing a black forest of pubic hair, so thick I couldn't even see her cunt.

"Well, you're what Tom wanted," I whispered to myself, and reached out for her pussy.

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I agree; he should!


Pro. I liked the flick ( 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri ).


Well, that tribe in the Amazon believes in a few spirits, to do with specific areas, but none rise to the level of gods, more on the line of mischievous or malevolent spirits of the forest. Can you tell me what the advantage is, to man, of filling in gaps in our knowledge with gods that have no more basis than the fact that we can't explain natural events? Don't you think that has a tendency to retard finding the real facts out, and did for thousands of years? Do you believe those fertility relics worked? Somehow I have to doubt that, and it's just one example of how useless religion really is. Even in modern times, religion has interfered with scientific progress, and our advancement as a society, stem cell research, abortion, GLBT rights, science in general with these ridiculous intelligent design arguments, and on and on. Forces of retardation of advancement, not change that needs to be made to do so.


Do we have a gun problem in this country or is it a people problem? I sometimes can?t distinguish between the two.


Like I said. I'd rather have someone try and kill a group of people with a golf club than use a Glock 9mm


Yep i'm funnin....


If you're straight, gay, lesbian, LGBTQ etc. and think getting married in a church is gonna make your life somehow better.....you deserve everything you're gonna get.


If my texts were high-redundancy and you've still managed to miss the point that doesn't say a lot for your comprehension skills.

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