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Thursday, March 29, 2018

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"So not wanting to deport all illegals = thrilled with illegals now?"

The receptionist was a short, stout Indian woman named, according to a brass nameplate, Archana Korrapti.

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Do you understand?" She nodded, her head bowed submissively. "Yes. I will be a good slave for Tom. " "Bend over the counter," I ordered.

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It ended well for Job.


Yes God love everyone and He wish all will be saved. But even I have enough sense to know and all other christians that is not going to happen. By you being an atheist is not going to save you from eternal death. Being an atheist is not going to make God just disappear. If it is so easy to make something disappear for not believing in it. You are growing old, don't believe you are growing old and see what happen. Your disbelief has no power. You will continue to grow old. Tell yourself you will not believe you will die and I say you will die just like everyone every one else . Next time your car break down tell yourself I do not believe my car is broken down. I bet when you open your eyes it still will be broken down. Your disbelief has no power. Just like your disbelief cannot make God Almighty disappear. The only thing you are doing is deceiving yourself. But you can only to that until the day you die.


Why are you trolling now?


He is showing His Face. You just miss Him everywhere.


Bullshit, He's a top 25 QB, better than half the back ups out there.


"A synonym for a period of time."


Funny. I call it male oppression masquerading as liberation.

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