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Saturday, March 17, 2018

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"Actually yes, the news, which is more than just CNN( I actually don't watch CNN, if I'm watching and not reading news it's probably either Secular Talk or Young Turks, scream away at that) has debunked the claim of Hillary paying Russian agents for the dossier."

"I bet you girls have to take a piss?" I asked, smiling at the thought I just had. Both girls nodded.

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They kissed, like reflections coming together and merging where their lips met. I enjoyed a few more hot cunts before the school day ended.

In a health class, the girls got a very detailed lesson on male anatomy and every girl in the class got to suck on my cock for a minute and then I finished up in the cutest girl's cunt.

The boys got caressew enjoy the other girls, and the entire classroom was filled with naked, panting teenagers. There were two more girls than boys, and so they learned all about tribbing and how sweet it was to cum on another girls cunt.

Their old teacher, Mr.

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So you're agreeing with me?


Another notch lol the illuminati lol tooo funny


No, I reject your air of illusory superiority, ironically, in discussing DK.

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