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Monday, May 21, 2018

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"It is a very good bet Time Magazine hasn't seen his Balance Sheet."

I sighed, oh well she had already burst her hymen.

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"synthetic" RNA right. Which is just a given name for something that can occur any number of ways including "natural" so...realistically there is no argument here.


As MAGA said ... none of those verses mention unicorns. Just KJV bonanza (the KJV also screwed up when it inserted the words 'witch' into the Bible, of course King James was rather pretty obsessed with witches so no wonder).


If you're straight, gay, lesbian, LGBTQ etc. and think getting married in a church is gonna make your life somehow deserve everything you're gonna get.


I?m not either but sheet happens ?????>??????>??????>? me some avatars ??????


As mueller gets closer and closer to Trump, expect to see more of these opinion articles to appease the cult


I was told that?s not natural.


Our Free America was founded under our Founders' religious belief that our blessings of liberty, or our unalienable rights, are endowed by our Creator.


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