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Thursday, April 5, 2018

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""I have never been presented with a claim of evidence to support the supernatural claims in the Bible that hasn't been spurious. Sometimes the "evidence" is merely insufficient to make an impact""

" "I guess you'll have to eat her pussy, Petrina," I ordered.

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She moaned and bucked on me, wrapping her legs around my hips, as I fucked her into the supply shelf. A bottle of bleach fell, bouncing on the floor, along with rolls of toilet paper. When the janitor found us, I turned us about, leaning against the shelf and flipped up her skirt, exposing her pert ass.

"Why don't you fuck her tight ass," I told the janitor. The girl moaned in pain as the janitor's cock slid into her cornhole.

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Well, true, I won't finance anything like that out of my own pocket. There are, however, such curious institutions as banks. Every once in awhile, they are known to give loans. Including loans for business.


Vicious behavior? Lol.


Clinton did a lot of good for a lot of ordinary people even though he was himself a personal weak individual with a lot of personal baggage. His personal baggage probably should have kept him from achieving all that he did in his lifetime. The morally corrupt "social conservatives" (a word-smithed pseudonym for the ubiquitous White Supremacists that they really are) felt the "need" to bring him down for challenging their morally corrupt status quo. When the "conservatives" talk about "corruption" what they want to keep "pure" is their own bigotry.


"it consists of necessary truths"


And it all happened because the Soviets sent up Sputnik.


He's taking about *miscarriages*.


Hate to cut this short homie but got to go ahead and get on off here and get this last passage read before I go to bed. You be easy though, stay up.


Had a great BBQ Party yesterday, Smoked Turkey and Ribs with tons of other stuff. Vegging today watching Sons of Anarchy reruns, nibbling on leftovers and having a glass of wine.


NY hates road closures more than they hate Trump. Have you ever tried to get across the city when the Secret Service creates a huge security mess? Between SS, a gaggle of reporters, and lots of lawyer funds, the city would be in gridlock for months.

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